This week’s Ambassador Feature is with Lisa Burling, LBPR

2018 Rising Star AusMumpreneur Bronze winner



Tell us the story behind why you love what you do and why you’re so passionate about sharing your message.

In October 2013, my second child arrived seven weeks early, resulting in a long, worried stay in the NICU at Wollongong Hospital. At the same time, my partner – his father – left us.

Unfortunately at the time, I was also unemployed. I thought I would put my international PR career on hold and focus on my children.

It was the worst time of my life with many lows, but as a natural optimist, eventually, my anger and self-pity gave way to something else. I was mad – a single mum of a three-year-old and a preemie baby setting up a new business. People questioned my sanity, but I was on my way.

I love what I do because setting up my PR consultancy, LBPR was my saviour. I’m passionate about sharing my message and my story because I am a living example that everything will always work out as it should.


Tell us a story about a challenging time you faced, how you overcame it and what lesson/lessons/wisdom this experience has taught you about life and business. 

My greatest challenge has also been my greatest achievement.

Setting up a successful company as a single mum with two children under four was the mother of all challenges – it all began with a reliance on Centrelink in my rented apartment, juggling feeds with client calls, bath and dinner time with proposals and budgets.

Yet, LBPR has thrived, not survived. We are award-winning and took shape and grew exponentially against a dismal economic backdrop at the beginning. I put it down to my mindset – my mantra was, and is, “fortune favours the brave”.

Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in business have been my biggest learnings and have enabled me to grow and propel the business forward faster and bigger than I’d dared dreamed I could.


What are 3 pieces of advice you would give someone starting out in business?

1.       Outsource what you’re not good at – time really is money! Accountants and IT are my top two!

2.       Find someone you want to be like and copy them, (of course with your own style and stamp). I am a massive believer that success leaves clues.

3.       Don’t count the pennies – focus on the people and the projects. Do your very best, and the financial rewards will come.


What is your proudest business achievement? Why does this mean so much to you?

So many wonderful things have happened to me since I started my business journey, but being recognised in the top three Rising Star Mumpreneurs in Australia by the AusMumpreneur Network really is my proudest business achievement to date. It reminded me that I have achieved so much despite my circumstances, and that there is SO much more to come!


Image credit: Alex Anderson, Jam on your Collar


Finally, what do you believe is the secret to success?

Never let personal hardship define what you think you can be.

A positive mindset is not always easy but it is crucial if you want to achieve your dreams. Beyond that, look at your goals and work backwards, knowing you’ll need to work hard. Dreams are nice but to get there you need to plan and plot your way to that point step by step, one day at a time.


About 2018 AusMumpreneur Ambassador

Lisa Burling is a single mum; a journalist PR professional with over 20 years national and international experience under her belt working on some of the world’s biggest brands, companies and charitable organisations in Australia and the UK. In 2013, a chain of devastating events resulted in her being an unemployed, single mum of two boys under three. Whilst in the Centrelink queue wondering how this was her reality, she decided to set up a business. Most people thought she was crazy. Three and half years later, Lisa is an award-winning business owner and entrepreneur as the Founder and Managing Director of award-winning PR consultancy LBPR and its student PR consultancy, Catalyst.

Fun fact: If Lisa finds a spare hour in her busy schedule, you’ll find her with a glass of Prosecco, a bowl of coloured popcorn, watching Suits. Pure Harvey heaven!

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